Michael J Carl

Our Policy

Every organisation has policies and procedures in place to be followed and adhered to. Not all of them are same, or not everyone is totally different.

Below is the importance of keeping policies in place.

Being a child, we have often hated these policies in school, because sometimes it meant not doing the things that we loved to do. But later, we understand how important policies are for a particular segment.

Read on to know, why we say policies are important for an organisation.

  • They define the company’s organisational goals and assist the companies to stay on track in a timely manner.
  • The polices help in improving the company’s scope of work and some organisational features
  • These policies also help in protecting a company’s interest
  • These policies also help in maintaining an order of the business, internally among the employees and staff
  • They also help in clearly stating the do’s and don’ts of the organisation thus ensuring a peaceful work environment.

Concepts that policies normally follow:

Policies normally fall into goal-oriented policies and Compliance/behavioural policies.

  • Goal oriented ones talk about the company's goal, and organisational goals, that an employee should know
  • Behavioural or compliance policies speak about the legal and regulatory rules that everybody within the organisation should adhere to.