Michael J Carl

Fonts and Typefaces

Working in digital marketing, it’s important to understand the importance of font usage. Since the message conveyed is all in the digital form; it is essential to choose fonts that aptly convey the message, without any spot of other meaning.

Since childhood when we worked with fonts, using MS office tools, or using WordPad, and notepad, changing fonts was the first activity that we thoroughly enjoyed. But then, we probably never knew the meaning of fonts, but today, it's essential that you use a font, based on a message to be conveyed. We have also heard about ‘typefaces’, but not sure what they mean really.

We explain below about fonts and typefaces, the most underestimated factor.

What is font and are typeface and font the same?

A typeface is a referral in the font family member, which points to an individual member of that family.

The font is a larger picture; it’s a group of typefaces that possess similar, common attributes.

Like the ‘ARIAL’ family of fonts, this has the typefaces, like Arial Black, Arial Narrow and Arial Rounded. It resembles the same style, but they differ in unique points that differentiate one from another.

It’s essential that you know the typefaces exactly, which you intend to work with. This helps in creating the right rhythm between your font styles and conveying an effective powerful message.

Knowing the basic Fonts, best of All Times:

We often find a certain category of things written in a single type of font. Official documents make use of Times New Roman, and certain blog posts use Serif, while few use Sans Serif. So, there are fonts mainly categorised for a particular purpose, and knowing them will help you decide the better for your page/business.

Script font:

This is mainly known for its elegance and a professional look. We can see such fonts used in wedding invitations, and on certificates. They are created to highlight an important event and not to be used as a whole body or in small spaces, as they stand out elegantly.

Hand Lettering:

This one sometimes looks like a child’s handwriting! But, many times designers use this style to relate things, because we humans have evolved from that childish style to an evolved style of writing.


Most people use this because it’s easy to be read through, there is no extra strain on the eye. That is the reason most people use this, to make their voice heard. These fonts also have some ‘feet’ like structures, making it look more appealing.

Sans Serif:

This font is the one without ‘feet ‘and looks pretty simple. They are streamlined and trendy.


This font is mainly used in Movies. Its main purpose is to grab the attention of the viewers and emphasising on one particular aspect. This is also to be used in shorter texts.

We hope this info about fonts was an eye-opener for you all.